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Proudly Setting a New Standard for Patient Care

Welcome to Apex Dental, where Dr. Brad Richtsmeier, Dr. Mindy Richtsmeier, Dr. Christopher Gipple, and Dr. Janette Hahn all share a passion for holistic health-centered dentistry and patient-focused care.

Here, we combine high-quality treatments and transparent, comfortable dental care with a knowledgeable team that creates lasting relationships with our patients.

Experience Comfort with IV Sedation

Relax into your dental procedures with IV sedation, designed to minimize stress and enhance comfort during treatment. Our expert team, including Dr. Brad, is adept in providing a calm experience, allowing you to undergo dental work with ease. Apex Dental is recognized in Iowa for our commitment to serene and advanced dental care.

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Your Path to a Perfect Smile with Dental Implants

Explore the frontiers of dental restoration with Dr. Brad, an experienced professional in both traditional and ceramic dental implants. Our cutting-edge 3D imaging technology ensures precision in every step of your state-of-the-art surgical procedure. At Apex Dental, we’re equipped to provide a comprehensive implant solution that meets your highest expectations for dental care.

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Breathe Easy with Expert TMJ & Airway Care

Struggling with TMJ or airway issues? Dr. Mindy is here to help. Renowned for her expertise, she offers comprehensive evaluations for a range of related concerns including sleep disordered breathing, jaw development, and tongue ties. Patients from across the nation trust her to address the full spectrum of symptoms associated with these conditions.

Discover a path to better health. Let’s start your journey towards relief today.

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We Welcome Dental Emergencies

Life can be unpredictable, and dental emergencies are no exception.Our team is equipped to handle a range of urgent dental needs—from sudden toothaches to broken teeth—providing relief when it matters.  That’s why we dedicate slots in our daily schedule specifically to address emergencies, ensuring you get the prompt attention you deserve.

Our goal is to ease your discomfort and restore your smile with minimal delay.

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Our Mission

Welcome to Our family!

At Apex Dental, we believe in more than just treating teeth; we care for people. You’re not just a patient here; you’re part of our extended family. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that every visit is comfortable, reassuring, and maybe even a little fun!

We’re passionate about guiding you to optimal health and a radiant smile. Personalized education and a deep understanding of individual needs are the hallmarks of our approach. Join us on a journey to dental wellness that feels like home.


Functional Dentistry, with an Integrated Focus on Oral and Overall Health.


Apex Dental is a leading functional dental practice. Rather than simply drilling and filling teeth, we strive to identify and address the root cause of dental disease, which often relates to other health conditions. 

We believe in recognizing and correcting the root cause early and effectively. Nutrition, airway, and breathing are the cornerstones of oral and overall health. Diagnosis of pathology from dental decay to TMJ disorder includes a screening of and conversation about the root cause behind it.

Your dental health and complete satisfaction are our ultimate goal. We are incredibly grateful for the positive feedback of our amazing patients.




Nutrition to Optimize Oral (and Overall!!) Health and Healing

Explore the critical link between what we eat and our dental health. Discover how nutrient-dense, minimally processed foods can transform your oral wellness and overall vitality.


The Buzz on Tongue Ties

Explore the overlooked connection between tongue ties and body posture. Discover how this can impact everything from nursing and speech to walking patterns, and learn about integrated treatment approaches for comprehensive care.

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