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  • Apex saved the day! Recently my Family had plans to spend the weekend at a relatives party. Practically everyone I knew would be there. While enjoying a piece of Halloween candy, I cracked a front tooth! This was Thursday evening (about five minutes till closing time for the weekend) so I called Apex and even though I was a half hour away they told me to come in to what could be done! The dentist and technician stayed late just for me ! They fixed my tooth within 20 minutes and it looked better than it had in 20 years! I was so impressed I decided to make them my regular dental clinic. I cannot say enough about what they did for me in my smile in a time of distress and panic!

    Bernadette W.
  • Front staff, hygienists, dentists, dental assistants are all top-rated in my book. excellent dental care and everyone at this facility has the patient’s best interest and comfort as their goal. The dentists will give you A+ care and will fight the big insurance companies to get you the best care, as I can attest to, personally. I could not ask for a better dentist/patient relationship.

    This facility makes each person feel like family……and they REALLY CARE about each patient as though they were “real” family members. I cannot speak highly enough about this practice and if anyone were to give them a try, I am confident that my sentiments would be echoed.

    Mark S.
  • WOW! As a new patient to Apex Dental, from the moment I stepped in the door to when I left…receiving both a warm welcome and a friendly “thank you” goodbye, the experience was stellar! Kathy, my hygienist, provides the most thorough intake I’ve ever received…providing information and education every step of the way! Dr. Brad was very conscientious, as well. I’m actually looking forward to my next visit in December!

    Paris B.
  • I had an absolutely perfect experience at Apex. From calling to make an appointment all the way to the end it could not have been any better. I really liked how they wanted me to explain what was going on before they even looked at my situation. From there we agreed on the next steps and they were as personable as could be. Even considering the extent of the work that had to be done (2 wisdom teeth pulled) I would absolutely recommend Apex to anyone, you will not be disappointed.

    Daniel M.
  • From the dental assistant who assisted the dentist, to the technician who gave me the shot, to the dentist who repaired my front tooth; they all did an EXCELLENT job. I was in and out within a little over a half hour, including the time to allow the Novocain to work. In addition, special praise to the dentist for getting into the hard to reach area to fix the tooth. It was cramped in around the Canine tooth and was very difficult repair. The filling matched perfectly and you can’t even tell I had a front tooth repaired. I’ve been a patient there ever since they took over this office. The entire staff does a great job.

    Jerry L.
  • I went in to Apex terrified because of a previous experience with a tooth extraction somewhere else. The hygienist Jenny calmed my nerves and did my cleaning with no pain. I went back the next day, still filled with a lot of anxiety, for a tooth extraction, root canal, and another cavity filling. Jenny found me and did my anesthesia. Then Dr. Brad Richtsmeier did all of the work I needed to have done. I had no pain whatsoever and did not even need extra novacaine given during the procedure like I normally do. I was so impressed and happy. I will never miss another 6 month cleaning or go to another dentist.

    Heather A.