Root Canals

The root canal procedure has a 95% success rate and is the preferred method to save an existing tooth whose nerve has become inflamed or infected. Typically, the infected nerve of the tooth results from severe tooth decay or trauma from a broken/chipped tooth. Tooth infections lead to swelling of the gums and cheek, and can cause high levels of toothache and discomfort.

Root canal therapy is indicated for tooth decay or damage that is compromising the vitality of the tooth or has killed the tooth. The procedure removes the infection and nerve from inside the roots of the tooth and then fills the space to create a seal and keep out bacteria. The tooth is then restored with a crown or filling. Without treatment, the infection can spread from the tooth to the surrounding tissue and into the bloodstream causing pain and major medical emergencies. Consider having your root canal completed under sedation dentistry, if you want the ultimate in comfort.

Root Canals Des Moines
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Dr Brad and assistant did a great job communicating to me during the procedure. Dr Brad did a great job of explaining my options and next steps to resolve ongoing issues.

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