Nitrous Oxide

Some people experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. In order to avoid any stress or worry and accomplish a positive dental experience, Apex Dental offers a form of conscious sedation called nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”.

A colorless gas with a slightly sweet odor, nitrous oxide has been used in medicine for over a century. It is a popular treatment in family dental practices because it is a safe and effective way of administering mild sedation, in which the patient remains awake, but is in a completely relaxed state.

While under nitrous oxide, the patient will be able to speak, will be aware of what’s going on, and will remain in control of his or her functions. Dosages can be fine-tuned to the level of sedation necessary for the perfect combination of comfort and alertness. Treatment effects wear-off quickly afterwards.

Nitrous Oxide - Des Moines
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I am fortunate that I have not required much dental work throughout my life so checkups and teeth cleaning are the most I have needed over the past 40 years. I recently needed some fillings done and I was terrified of the needles and the doctors and staff were the best. I chose to have nitrous and the doctor that did the deadening and the doctor that did the fillings were excellent. I was expecting a horrific experience and it was no worse that a teeth cleaning. They are they best!

-Rebecca J. Des Moines, IA

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