“Making one person smile can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but their world”

At Apex Dental we are passionate about helping those in need both in our local community and abroad. Over the the recent years, Dr. Brad and Dr. Mindy have participated in international mission trips treating patients in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.

We’ve treated patients in these countries using mobile equipment and generators for power. We’ve had some interesting experiences in these countries. Our work with Great Shape! charity in Jamaica allowed us to turn a rural community center into a dental clinic for a week. Volunteering with Leland Dental Charities in El Salvador, we did a lot of fillings, extractions, and even some root canals, in the back of an old military bus.


Here at home, our office is a member of Iowa’s Donated Dental Services and Dental Lifeline Network, providing dental treatment to Iowans in need for the past decade. We participate in the Iowa Mission of Mercy, a statewide effort to provide free dental care to those in need. We also host an annual free dental day in our West Des Moines Community, known as Dentistry From The Heart, where we’ve performed thousands of free fillings, extractions, and cleanings.


One of our newest philanthropic efforts is our affiliation with “Everyone for Veterans”. This nonprofit organization has allowed us to work with dentists from around the country and with our local VA Hospital to provide dental care to combat veterans in dire need, who don’t qualify for military care. Dr. Mindy is so passionate about and involved with this cause that she has recently accepted a position as a board member for this national charity.


We send out a big THANK YOU to all of our Apex employees, numerous other local professionals, and our amazing patients over the years for helping us give back a little to our communities, as they’ve done so much for us.

Jamaica dental mission with Great Shape! charity. A few years back, Dr. Brad and Dr. Mindy, along with one of our hygienists, joined this large group mission. It was a week of making mouths healthy, with portable dental equipment, in a vacant community center in the rural mountains.

Last fall, Dr. Brad and Dr. Mindy spent a week doing dentistry in the back of an old bus in El Cuco, El Salvador, with Leland Dental Charities. Days were filled with relieving pain, educating people, and rebuilding teeth/smiles and confidence. It was an amazing experience!